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Business in the front - party in the back!

Any new work can be seen at my studio:

Amanda Evanston Freund Studio and Gallery
1310A Chicago Ave, Evanston IL 60201

Open to the public Saturdays, Noon - 5pm
Wednesday - Friday: By Appointment Only (contact
Additional hours for classes and private events.

Closed Jan 1-30 and August 15-30

Occasional time change exceptions for holidays and such - if you are worried, check my Instagram feed for latest updates

Where is it?
Evanston. By the lake. Just north of the Chicago city limits. As everyone here says, "Just north of Trader Joes." It's on the main drag in town and there are plenty of wonderful places to go in the neighborhood! You can usually find metered parking nearby, or take the Purple Line and walk one block east of the Dempster stop. If I'm not in front I'm usually puttering around in the studio in the back - be sure to say hi! 

Is it the same work on your website?
Not really. I usually try to avoid duel inventory. Items on display in person are not available online, or visa versa.

I'd like to bring a client in for a private viewing, can I make an appointment?
Yes, please reach out in advance. I am usually available for limited hours on weekdays.  

Do you do workshops?
Yes, sometimes I do two adult workshops each month - check here for my most recent classes. They usually take place the first Friday of the month and the Sunday following, so if you were planning a visit in the future, keep that in mind.

Do you do children's art parties?
No. There are several places in town that provide this service - I'm happy to make recommendations. Teaching art to children and adults are two different skill sets. If you'd like to arrange a private workshop event for 10 -12 adults, I'm happy to discuss some options with you. 

Do you show anywhere else besides your website and studio?
Not really. I worked hard to become a 100% self-represented artist, and if I play my cards right, it will stay that way. This means I do not show in other people’s galleries or showrooms (where standard commission rate is 50%). I do not sell on consignment. I do not participate in art fairs or group shows. I have no interest in competitions or awards because I have already won.

Do you do charitable donations?
Yes! However, I get a lot of requests for this. So I’m choosey. Once a quarter or so, I will pick one at semi-random. I look for an event/cause with an established record where my work might do the most good. Please free to send me an email with details on your event and be sure to include the following; 1. A link to the event/fundraising website. 2. A link to the non-profit’s Guidestar rating. 3. Information on how the item will be transported. 4. If you are auctioning art, any information on opening bid prices (Heads up; out of respect to my collectors, I do not allow my work to be listed at prices lower than retail value, even as a starting bid, thank you!).

I am an artist, can I make an appointment to meet with you?
I am always happy to chat with other artists, however, I do not provide coaching services or portfolio reviews. I also do not show work by other people. It's my name on the door for a reason. Thank you for understanding this. I look forward to seeing you soon!